Setting the Record Straight

I failed to follow proper Church channels and persist on correct internal comm lines due to my own overts and withholds, which included a failure to apply KSW to myself and others. As a result I wound up reading and watching several entheta news stories online. From there I searched and began reading websites and blogs of former Church members who have since been declared SPs. I read these blog postings for a period of approximately three months and I became consumed with the entheta. I bought into the lies and natter and had even participated by posting highly critical and suppressive comments on Marty Rathbun’s blog. In addition, I sent a few emails to Marty Rathbun, David St. Lawrence, Jim Logan and Christie Collbran in an attempt to contact Mike Rinder.

The emails were seeking agreement on my own problems that I was creating within the Church and by communicating with these individuals, I was in effect supporting their activities and intentions. Each one of these people encouraged me to leave the Church and to attempt to get others to leave as well.

The communications included an insidious attempt for me to find buttons and mutual out-ruds on others in order to spread entheta (Christie), directing me to other complete squirrel websites for reference material (Jim) as well as the promotion of complete non-standard meters (David).

The craziest part is that these attempts are extremely covert in that they were trying to befriend me to join their group with the claim that they were the only way to get “standard LRH tech” – and yet what they are promoting is the complete opposite of it!

I had also sought agreement from other Church members, including my wife, parents and co-workers, and tried to communicate my upsets to them and attempted to spread entheta from these websites. This was not okay.

In my emails to Marty, I asked if he knew where I could find an auditor outside of the Church who still holds valid certificates and if he knew of a way to get my folders from Flag.

He replied that he could audit me and that he didn’t need my folders, but instead would conduct a “case check.” 

I then asked, “What about my OT levels?” 

He said he could deliver those as well. 

I told him I was not meter-trained and had not done Solo 1. 

He said he could train me on the meter also – stating that it would include at-home drilling and then returning to see him. 

I realized that this was:

1. a complete squirrel activity, 

2. that it was anti-LRH, 

3. that his actions are preventing people from moving up The Bridge, 

4. that he is a true SP. 

And at that moment, I stopped communicating with him.

Upon further inspection, I see that people posting comments on Marty’s blog include people who had intentions to outright destroy the Church and any LRH groups such as social betterment activities. These “friends” of Marty, Mike and crew include members of Anonymous – people who have committed hate crimes against the Church and include some of the most vile and outright evil members of society. One of their modes of operation is to instill fear in current Scientologists to make them think that the Church is evil or bad in some way in order to create more of a separation while feeding bank agreement. 

That is not a group of people that I want anything to do with. My ignorance of the situation does not justify my unfounded actions and in no way excuses anything I have done.

In my comments and emails, I made very degrading remarks about the Church and individual Scientologists. 

I am retracting all of the statements I made because they were completely baseless. These remarks included Joking and Degrading high-ranking members of the Sea Org such as David Miscavige and Tommy Davis, whom not only do I not personally know, but whose products toward advancing Scientology and helping Mankind are innumerable. 

I had also been finding fault with and criticizing promotional activities and Church expansion as well as committing suppressive reasonableness regarding the intentions of those groups who are attacking Scientology and Scientologists. The communications I forwarded were absolutely horrific as they are not representative of who I really am and what I stand for. They were ignorant and suppressive.

I let down my group and LRH and I feel absolutely horrible for doing so. I am going to fix the problems that I caused.

The real me supports LRH policy and the legacy that he left us and will use correct lines and terminals from now on regarding anything having to do with the Church. 

The Church is doing more to help Mankind than any other group on the planet and holds the only true route to spiritual freedom.

– Luke Catton aka "Steve"