Beware the Labyrinth!

Chaos merchants decieve with a maze of lies 

I have been in Scientology 20 years. I have a lot of admin training and have received a lot of auditing. I am definitely an active Scientologist and have been for many years.

Within the last several months, I have talked to several Scientologists about the doubts that a few SPs have instilled in their universes. I have seen their stable datums being shaken by the lies that they have read on the internet about our religion, the management of our Church and in some cases LRH himself. 

One by one, these Scientologists have bought into the idea that “You should be able to read whatever you want on the internet and it won’t affect you,” or “You need to find out what the Church does not want you to know,” or any variation of the same line. 

What they don’t realize is that reading hours and hours of entheta on the net is the modern form of the old activity of deprogramming! Stable datums are taken away and replaced with generalities and data that is impossible to verify for oneself while making one believe that “the Church doesn’t let you know the truth”…what they actually give people is a tiny piece of truth laced with a lot of deceiving lies.

I have seen and experienced firsthand the pain that has been created as a result of the actions from these suppressives. I have seen how some families are arguing and on some occasions splitting because of their lies while at the same time they blame the Church for creating that. I have seen how friendships of many years are being destroyed and how good people are willing to get themselves declared thinking that they have their “integrity” in or they are doing it in the name of “KSW” while actually committing suppressive acts themselves.

Scientologists who get caught up in the entheta that these SPs generate need to wake up and see these chaos merchants for what they are: Squirrels that have no back-off confessing their own crimes on TV and blaming others for their condition, preferring to drag the rest of us into the mud with them. 

Don’t forsake your Bridge and your future – their only intent is to stop you from ever making it and you’ll wake up one day, and possibly not (remember RJ 68), and realize you made a decision that has destroyed you.

The truth is: this handful of squirrel SPs will never succeed as the Church continues to flourish and prosper and expand as never before, exactly as LRH says it will in many of his policies. Meanwhile the squirrels will fall away and continue to be a nothing as history has proven time and time again.

– MM