Which Goal Maker?

In 2004, when I received a Fitness Board, I packed my bags and went to San Diego: it was like being in a foreign land, moving to another planet with different game rules and strange ethics levels, altered importances, noisy bad news broadcasts and lots of MEST and middle class goals and ideals. 

While there were new friendships, and people of goodwill…much of one’s interaction is purely social veneer as many of you can relate – it is a lonely existence, like being in exile. With no theta line, this fosters negative feelings and understandably makes one seek ARC from any quarter one can get it! 

I got a job and started excelling in my “new 3D” – a wireless technology company (dedicated to “improving the quality of communication throughout the world” – through cell phone devices and making big profits). I say that I was really lucky to end up with a stable job with pretty good pay and a loving father at the beginning of a new life. I lived this life with no connection to Scientology or Scientologists for 5 years. An interesting existence BUT with no terminals of comparable magnitude and a lack of purpose. I was starving for interaction with other Scientologists but my FB and offload issues indicated my only terminal was IJC. 

One day, in late 2009, I discovered Facebook and found terminals I had not seen or heard from in many years…old Sea Org friends and workmates that I was just THRILLED to find and connect to! I started originating communication to them. I was truly excited and just amazed at how wonderful it was to find some terminals who had similar R to me – it was a WOW moment! I found out that people I began to connect with had similar situations to mine and was not able to establish for myself if I could or couldn’t be in communication. As I said, just finding some terminals put me in an elated state – tears of joy! As I began to communicate with “my old friends” several made comments and displayed attitudes that were rather shocking to me. As I pulled the string further, I found out these individuals were part of a network of former staff who were not in agreement with current management and were making allegations that took me aback! (I won’t repeat them here because if you are reading this, you probably have already been exposed).

As soon as I began to receive this information, I fell right into DECIDE WHO ARE ONE’S FRIENDS. Very interesting. I was on the threshold of being exposed to both white hat and black hat “Scientologists” – right on the edge of the envelope. Here was the exact point where I, as a being, had to sort through my own experiences, my understanding of LRH and command intention and the seemingly “believable” datums being sent over to me like warning flags at a crossroads. I realized at that very moment, I was treading in dangerous waters—that my next actions and communications would determine my future access to full OT. 

Having formerly worked in PRO for OSA and LRH PPRO Int, I thankfully understood the mechanisms of Black PR Campaigns and enemy tactics. Even if I had mutual out ruds with some of the sources, even if some of the persuasive information was “well documented” – and even if some of the authors would be “creditable sources”…I knew there was a slant to the information that warranted more string pulling. 

Here was my major discovery in sifting through the data: even if these “happenings and incidents” were true, WHAT WOULD LRH DO? Ask yourself that question right now…


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